• How Big Is Your Bite?

    How Big Is Your Bite?

  • Mega Bite Sandwich-Pastrami
    14 cm high.
    Take the Mega Bite Challenge!

  • What's Melting?

    What's Melting?

  • Hot Turkey & Ham Ciabatta
    House brined turkey
    slow-cooked to
    tender succulence.
    Simply melt in your mouth!

  • Breakfast<br/>at 9 PM?

    at 9 PM?

  • 1Bite2Go Cafe & Deli Corned Beef Skillet Breakfast

    From Corned Beef Skillet Breakfast to Ham Eggs Benedict.
    Kick start your day any time your way!

  • Where is The Beef?

    Where is The Beef?

  • NY Pastrami Combo with
    3.5oz house pastrami and
    3.5oz roast beef.
    Indulge in the best of
    both worlds!

Deli Classics

Craving for authentic, hearty deli classics?

Get a bite of New York in Taipei at 1Bite2Go Café & Deli, from hot pastrami to succulent corned beef to tasty pickles.

Every 1Bite2Go dish is home made from scratch, using premium-quality meats, natural ingredients and time-honored preparation methods to create traditional flavors that are fresh, healthy, and quite simply, delicious.

Freshly baked bread, straight from the popular le bouquet Bread & Bakery, makes the sandwiches just a bit more special, flavorful.

Check out 1Bite2Go’s tasty menu

American Diner

1Bite2Go Café & Deli is a contemporary take on the classic American diner, offering a relaxing, fun dining experience.

Nostalgic Americana photos, rustic natural wood furniture, warehouse ceiling lamps, and colorful vintage floor tiles are thoughtfully combined to bring you to the golden era of the 50’s and 60’s.

Enjoy a mega deli sandwich or a hearty skillet breakfast any time at the all-day diner. Indulge in some sinful brownies and gourmet coffee, while surfing the net on free WiFi. Stop by for some comfort food after a hard day’s work. Meet friends and family over brunch on a lazy Sunday. It’s a great place to chill.

Check out 1Bite2Go’s locations in Shilin and Xinyi

1Bite2Go Cafe & Deli Shilin

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